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Simplesmente lindo e significativo! 

Are any of the updates to the game that are available on Steam (encyclopedia pages, daily runs) ever coming to the release??

Has anyone tried to Wine this game? I only have Linux, but want to try this game.

Gorgeous game, and you really nailed the swinging physics - it feels so satisfying the way your character moves.




Awesome game and really beautifull graphic. Bravo😁

I will think about getting this game, when I have the funds, looks amazing!

Thank you for speaking up for animals! Thank you for addressing the issues of climate change, deforestation, poachers, and habitat losses.

You should advertise more, this game deserves more attention.

Nice application 👍🏻

Stumbled upon this. This is a work of art!

I'm really impressed by this. You should market it more!

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Here is a gameplay video I made for the showcase I did of this game with IGC! 

It is a beautiful and emotionally complex game that has everything going for it. Thank you so much for allowing people to experience and reflect on the nature of animal ecology and its fragility. The game is also incredibly fun, and as you can see in the video I thoroughly enjoyed it. Best wishes with the game and I hope it draws tons of support for the cause!

Hi, I am create a co-op bundle to celebrate World Environment Day, I want invited you to join, all content related with nature and environment can be join, if you are interested you have join in the follow link:

I'm excited and I appreciate your interest and your participation, thank you very much and good luck!